If you’re a facility owner, travel club or current indoor league operator and would like to become an Official USBOXLA Sanctioned Organization.

Benefits of playing USBOXLA Box Lacrosse

  • $5 million coverage to play USBOXLA Box Lacrosse
  • Standardized rules played by the 20167 USBOXLA Rule and Situational Book. The CLA rulebook is long, complicated and geared for an entire market with ice hockey background, the NLL rulebook has many safety issues and is not appropriate for an American youth Lacrosse market. The USBOXLA Rule and Situational Book has elements of CLA rules, NLL rules and most importantly is an ultra safe version of the game made specifically for an American youth field lacrosse market and their introduction to the game of Box Lacrosse.  With over 7,500 sanctioned games on USA soil and over 1500 American players over 6 years successfully playing Box Lacrosse in Canadian Box events, USBOXLA is still the only organization to play against and host Canadian Lacrosse Association teams.  Why? Because we’re the only organization that develops the skills and gameplay needed to play against Canadian Box clubs.
  • Access to the USBOXLA Academy’s Backstage PASS.  The USBOXLA Academy’s Backstage PASS is the on-line educational and certification portal of the US Box Lacrosse Association.  It is the largest and most thorough educational platform ever developed for the sport of Box Lacrosse.
  • Avenue of development for your players.  Team USBOXLA plays the very best Canadian Teams on Canadian soil.  Team USBOXLA is simply the best of the very best USA players playing against the top Canadian teams.
  • Discounted 30 Sec Shot Clocks – $685 – compare to $1300 and up.
  • Discounted Uniforms (practice or elite) through Rude Brand.


Process to Become USBOXLA Sanctioned


  1. Contact us
  2. Directors Certification/Training Potential directors must first take and pass our USBOXLA Directors and League Sanctioning Course.  This can be done on-line and takes about 6 hours (includes Coaching on Referee Certification courses).  There is a BOND of $2,000 that must be made in order to access these training courses and become USBOXLA Certified.
  3. Build your Staff – USBOXLA Referee and Coaches Certification Programs Once your director’s training is complete your league will be Officially USBOXLA Sanctioned and you’ll receive your insurance certificates in about 5 business days.  You will be given a unique code to grant Backstage PASS access to your staff of Referees and Coaches so that they may too become USBOXLA Certified.  Their training is at no additional fees.
  4. Player Memberships Open up your USBOXLA Player Membership Portal. Forward the USBOXLA player membership link to your players so that they too may become USBOXLA members.  All players in your league/club team must be USBOXLA members and you must display the USBOXLA logo on your website’s header.  $45 Annual membership.
  5. Deposit Refunded When your USBOXLA organization reaches 60 (about 4 teams) USBOXLA annual player memberships you are refunded $1,000 of your bond.

Simple, quick and productive.  Your box lacrosse just better.